Both nervous and eager about his trip to the United States for a year of study, Brazilian exchange student Guilherme Cadioli soon found much to love in Maine. He has been attending Lewiston High School and staying with Tricia McBride — a Lewiston resident who has wanted to host an exchange student since her own high school days — and her family. Cadioli arrived in Maine in August and is studying as part of the Academic Year in America program.

Age: 17

How did you get involved in the Academic Year in America program? First, I met with an overseas partner, and they tested my English. Once I passed the English testing, my parents and I worked on my profile. After that was completed I was sent to Academic Year In America Office.

Did you choose your hosts or did they choose you? The McBrides choose me.

How did you feel about coming to the United States? When I first got the call at home I felt nervous because I was coming alone to a place that I did not know very much about. I also felt happy because I knew this was going to be a great experience. I didn’t have much time to think about coming to the United States because I had just two days to get everything ready. Before I knew it, the time was here. I was excited to see the family. Once I arrived I was happy to finally meet the McBrides. My first night here in America was fun. We watched the Red Sox vs. the Yankees. We ate pizza and played UNO. I felt that I was nervous for nothing.

What is your favorite subject? My favorite subject is Geography.

Do you do any sports? Back in Brazil, I was member of a swim team, the chess team and also played soccer. But the schools in Brazil do not offer sports in schools like American schools. In Brazil sports are all outside of the schools.

How has the transition from your home country to Maine been? It was not that hard because I have a great family here and they have helped me a lot. Before I even noticed it I was already used to living here.

What is the biggest difference between your home country and Maine? What are the similarities? As far as the differences, I think I would have to say the weather and the food. In Brazil we have warmer, dryer weather all year round. The food is just cooked different. I have found food here that I don’t have back in Brazil that I love. As far as the similarities, the people here in Maine have been really nice to me, and the McBrides treat me like one of their own sons. The remind me a lot like people in Brazil, they are all friendly and welcoming.

What do you miss most about your home country? I really miss my family, the hot weather and most of all my mom’s cooking.

Aside from your studies, what have you been doing? I have been meeting new people, making some great friends, and looking for some Americans colleges so I can be ready to continue my education in America next year. I have been following the Maineiacs. I have gone to some Portland Pirates games. I have really like cheering on my school teams too!

Will you miss anything about Maine when you complete your studies here? I’m really going to miss my friends at school and the McBrides for sure. I will also miss hockey and school sports because I think they are a great way to get all the kids together and supporting their peers.