WILTON – Proposed changes in lot sizes and windmill towers are the topics of two public hearings by the Planning Board at 7 p.m. Thursday at the town office.

The board is seeking changes in the comprehensive plan that encourage building and create more compact developed areas, Code Enforcement Officer Paul Montague said.

The first change would allow property owners, in some cases, more freedom to split their lot and construct another building on it, he said.

It will also allow homeowners to split their home and create an efficiency apartment in it, he said.

The town growth plan calls for “looking for ways for more compact development instead of spreading out,” he added.

The board will continue discussion on windmills and towers and hear from the public. While the town has an ordinance for windmills, it doesn’t address any large-scale wind-power projects. It mainly relates to small, backyard windmills, he said.

Although no one has applied and Wilton may not be well suited for siting a large wind farm, Montague said, some residents have raised concerns about the distance from housing and noise control if someone wanted to develop one.

Some would like to see the distance of a large windmill operation no closer than one mile from any house and a stricter noise control plan.

Both proposed changes on lot sizes and windmills will need to go before voters at the annual town meeting in June, Montague said.

“These changes helps us fall in line with the comprehensive plan,” he said.

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