As a person who requires medicinal marijuana in order to live a productive life, I am completely outraged with the government here in the state of Maine. I worked hard back in the late 1990s to get the initial medicinal marijuana law passed. This law, in short, gave me the right to be a criminal to obtain needed medication.

Then, in November of last year, the people of Maine overwhelmingly spoke, stating that this law was ridiculous without a system to provide a supply of the medication. The people directed the Legislature to provide a distribution process.

Since then, the attorney general (in her infinite wisdom) has stalled this whole process with committee meetings to decide what committee meetings are appropriate. On top of that, we have had small-minded, small-town politicians (beginning with Brewer and most recently Lewiston and Auburn), trying to further stall the whole process with their local injunctions against implementing the will of their constituents.

I hope the voters remember the callous disregard for their vote when those officials are up for re-election.

Twelve years is long enough for this nonsense to go on. This is a viable medical treatment and should be addressed, as the people of the grand state of Maine directed. Enough with the politics.

I urge the voters, who overwhelmingly demanded that this treatment be effectively implemented, to rise up and demand that their wishes be honored.

It is time to mourn the dead and fight for the living.

Almon W. Mitchell, Fayette