AUBURN — The public is invited to attend a performance of “A Remarkable Mary” at 7 p.m. Sunday, March 28, United Methodist Church, 439 Park Ave.

“A Remarkable Mary” is a musical comedy/drama about Mary Magdalene and her relationship with Jesus. With a cast of 20, the performance is presented by the St. Luke Players, a drama group organized by Nancy Beebe, a veteran director of stage plays for the past 30 years in southern Maine.

The group includes many members of the congregation of the Cathedral of St. Luke in Portland, plus many of their friends.

In addition to Mary Magdalene and Jesus, there is Caiaphas, the chief priest, and his band of high priests, who are the villains of the show and provide some humor as well. There are Susanna and Joanna, who, along with Mary, support Jesus and his cause, but are not too pleased with the attentions paid to Mary by Jesus. There are also Mary’s father and mother in Magdala, Mary’s servants, and a number of people whom Jesus heals along the way.

There is a suggested donation of $10, with half of the proceeds going to the United Methodist Church’s Youth Mission Team for their summer mission trip. For more information please contact the church at 782-3972 or e-mail [email protected]