Catholic schools have many of the most dedicated teachers with whom I have worked. They are also blessed many times over with parental support.

I am an advocate of Catholic education for all those who desire it, and I believe that it should be made available for all families who want that for their children.

I taught at a Catholic school for 28 years. Teachers there earn a salary that is, at best, 80 percent of that of a public school teacher at the same pay grade. Teachers can be terminated at any time at the discretion of the administration, and there is no “just cause” clause in their contracts.

Last year, administration cut seven positions due to low enrollment and financial difficulties. Teachers with more than 100 years of combined teaching experience lost their jobs.

Jesus was a good role model for all of us. He saw everyone as a child of God and treated them with special care. The teachers all try to instill that in their students; one of the very foundations of Catholic education.

This year, the school might again be cutting positions. The morale is already low, but the teachers continue to do their best for the children. They again have to live with the anxiety of what will happen to their careers. My hope is that the members of the administration will exhibit a more Christian attitude toward teachers if they have to tell them that they will no longer have a job.

Marguerite Pelletier, Lewiston