My gripe is our congresswomen, whom we support in fine style for the rest of their lives and also supply good health insurance while they delay some form of meaningful health care reform forever. This has been going on for years. If they don’t like the current plan, why haven’t they come up with a solution? They have had plenty of time.

— Anonymous

Why can’t shoppers return the shopping cart after using it, so as to not let the cart drift into other automobiles — damaging the other car?

— Tired of it all

I am angry with a specific national retailer concerning shopping carts. Because I fit into the category of “elderly” I always chose the smaller, lighter carts (blue). The last few times there have been none available. Questioning a greeter, I’ve been told that “they’re all in use,” “they cost more,” or “people tend to buy more with a bigger cart.” I’ve watched for the blue ones while shopping and could never spot one. I tried the large cart and only three wheels turned, making it difficult to push. Some make a great deal of noise. So now if I MUST go there, I only purchase what will fit in the little arm basket. The larger items I will buy elsewhere.

— Unhappy shopper

I’m wondering how many people are aware of the yield sign on Mt. Auburn Avenue, before the road merges onto Summer Street? My guess is, probably not many, since I’m almost killed there on a regular basis. People: those traveling on Summer Street have the right of way! Take note!

— Anonymous

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