Elaine Graham strikes again, spewing her vitriol against any manner and form of homosexuality. This time, she rails against Kevin Jennings of the Department of Education. As always, it doesn’t matter the event but only the purpose — her relentless pursuit to discredit, alienate and shame our nation’s homosexual citizens.

As her frequent letters to the editor display, she’s ready to pounce at any occasion to rant against what she believes will destroy American society and ultimately Christendom itself and this time, Graham inserts the fall of the Roman Empire to bolster her reasons.

But here’s a little history regarding the Roman empire: In 312, Emperor Constantine converts to Christianity, granting legal rights to all Christians; 330, Constantine moves the capitol of the Roman empire to Constantinople, declaring it a Christian empire; 445, Rome is destroyed by the Vandals.

The Roman empire’s demise was not a direct result of aberrant behavior, as Graham so gleefully asserts. Rather the reasons are more complex than her unreasonable and totally random claim.

With recent political and social discourse morphing into some of the most hostile and downright dangerous rhetoric in American history, I’d like to urge everyone to take a step back, reassess and rethink before you rant and rave as carelessly and with such hostility as Graham.

Joseph V. Keelan, West Gardiner