PARIS — A 22-year-old man has been ordered to contribute several thousand dollars toward the medical expenses of a man injured in a fight.

Keenan Samuel Angevine, of 562 Route 232 in Woodstock, pleaded guilty to aggravated assault last month. As part of a plea agreement on Friday, Justice Robert Clifford gave him a fully suspended two-year sentence with two years of probation. Angevine must also refrain from using drugs or alcohol, submit to random searches and have no contact with the victim or co-defendants.

According to an affidavit by Alan Carr, former chief of the Bethel Police Department, Angevine was one of three men accused of assaulting Malcolm Gilbert outside the Funky Red Barn in Bethel in July. Carr said Gilbert got into a fight with then 23-year-old Russell Nixon of Liberty Lane in Bethel, and Angevine and then 19-year-old Benjamin Smith of Intervale Road in Bethel threw Gilbert to the ground. Carr said Gilbert was kicked while on the ground and required reconstructive surgery to his left cheek.

Nixon and Smith have also been charged with aggravated assault. Both men have pleaded not guilty.

Clifford agreed with Assistant District Attorney Richard Beauchesne’s recommendation that Angevine should pay $16,300 in restitution. Beauchesne said he felt Angevine was less culpable for the assault than the other two defendants, and that the restitution could be reduced if Central Maine Medical Center decides to waive about $12,000 of the costs.

Angevine’s lawyer, Ron Hoffman, recommended that he pay $100 a month toward restitution during his probation for a total of $2,400. Hoffman said Angevine has never made more than minimum wage. Beauchesne responded that it would be “premature” to allow reduced restitution based on Angevine’s work history.

At the time of the assault, Angevine was on probation after pleading guilty to theft and assault in July 2008. He was initially charged with robbery after a 42-year-old man was attacked outside the Mountain Valley Variety Store in Rumford in September 2007. The man had a cell phone, a jacket and a can of smoking tobacco taken from him. Angevine was ordered to serve six months of a 364-day sentence with one year of probation.

Angevine was charged with violating his probation due to the Bethel assault, as well as an incident in December in which he was found to be drinking in Old Town. His probation was revoked last month after he admitted to the violations, and he is currently serving the remaining six months of the underlying sentence.

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