A while ago, I received notice by mail from the U.S. Census Bureau alerting me that in a few days I would receive, again by mail, the census forms to fill out and mail back.

I did that.

That constituted two nationwide mass mailings that the bureau wasted millions of dollars on when simply mailing the forms without advance notice would have been sufficient.

Now, I receive a card from the Census Bureau after the fact, a third mass mailing, asking me if I followed through on its request.

What a colossal waste of taxpayer money that was, for the time, paper, printing, transportation, labor, etc.

Shame on Robert M. Groves, the director of the Census Bureau, for lacking simple common sense and wasting all that money.

Speaking of waste, I wonder how much money was wasted on his exorbitant salary?

That is bureaucracy at its worst.

Donald E. Corriveau, Lewiston