I felt anger and disgust after reading Elaine Graham’s letter (March 26).

I know a number of people who happen to be gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender or transsexual. Some are very dear to me. All are good, kind people worthy of respect and — brace yourself — love.

Jesus said, “Love one another,” did he not?

The Bible was written, edited, translated, interpreted and filtered through fallible humans who had prejudices and political agendas. Leviticus was written specifically for the priest caste — a group that had to adhere to stricter standards of conduct.

A quote from “Truth Is One,” a book of the 10 major world religions by H.J. Forman and R. Gammon: “No religion, it has been said, has expressed higher ideals than those of Christianity, and none has been further from achieving them … a wonderful religion … it has not yet been tried.”

I know more pagans who behave in a “Christian” manner than many self-proclaimed Christians.

My teacher said, “forgive 70 times seven.” Seventy years of life, 7 days a week. He never mentioned how difficult it was.

My America is a country that seeks liberty, justice and equality … and separation of church and state. If folks want a theocracy, I think the Bikini Islands are uninhabited.

Joanne D’Unger, Leeds