Government at a glance

Board: Minot selectmen

Met: Monday

Free mulch

Issue: During the winter, brush and trees were cleared from under and around local CMP power lines with the resulting wood chips dumped in a pile at the town office.

The Scoop: Selectmen agreed that Minot residents may take mulch from the pile at no charge. Requirements are that the mulch be loaded by hand and only a pickup truck load at a time. Local contractors may purchase limited quantities of the mulch by making prior arrangements with the town office (345-3305).

Cemetery stumps

Issue: Stumps removed during the development of the three-acre expansion to the Center Minot Hill Cemetery have been piled at the far end of the cemetery. Selectmen want them out of there.

The Scoop: Selectmen directed Town Administrator Arlan Saunders to determine what it would cost to have the stumps trucked out of the cemetery and buried in an approved stump dump, and what it would cost to have the stumps chipped in place and the remaining mulch disposed.

Up Next: Saunders was told to go with the least expensive alternative.

Cemetery fence

Issue: The cemetery fence along the southerly side of Riverside Cemetery in West Minot has fallen into disrepair.

The Scoop: Selectmen learned that the West Minot Grange is looking into obtaining a grant, that the Grange would provide matching funds to purchase fencing. Selectmen agreed that if the West Minot Grange can get the fencing, the town highway crew will help install it.


Issue: Two weeks ago selectmen asked that the owner of the property at 184 Old Woodman Hill Road be notified that the buildings on the property are in deplorable condition and should be either boarded up or torn down.

The Scoop: Code Enforcement Officer Ken Pratt told selectmen that the property owner had contacted him and agreed to tear the buildings down within two months.

Culvert bids

The Scoop: Selectmen received four bids for the town’s annual supply of road culverts and accepted Gardiner’s E. J. Prescott’s bid at $10,619.20.

Summer paving bids

The Scoop: Town Administrator Arlan Saunders announced that, to date, four firms have responded to his request for bids for doing the paving work on town roads this summer. All bids are due at the town office in time for the selectman’s April 20 meeting and will be evaluated at that time.

—Winslow Durgin