Growing up in the River Valley area, the Rumford community library was an important part of my education. Having access to the wealth of information and the numerous programs the library offered during summer vacation was key to enhancing my growth inside and outside the classroom environment.

I understand the Library Committee is asking the Rumford selectmen to approve the town’s application for federal assistance through the USDA’s Rural Community Development Program. The assistance package could bring more than $2 million into the town for a library project.

This package is an opportunity for the town to leverage the assistance being offered by the U.S. government to enhance an instrumental foundation of the Rumford community — its library.

I hope residents will support the USDA application process.

Natalie Dupill, Sydney, Australia, formerly of Peru

Editor’s note: Since the letter was written, the Rumford Board of Selectmen voted against proceeding with the USDA application.