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With all the large vehicles there are nowadays, why do some parking spaces have to be so narrow where we can hardly get into our cars without practically damaging the car next to us?

 — Anonomous

Apparently the city no longer believes in recycling (regarding the Auburn City Council’s recent decision to ban picking by residents during spring clean-up week). It’s misusing police time, and its cherry picking of our trash appears mean-spirited. The money it saves recycling scrap metal will be lost in hauling all the other things junkies took last year. Shame on them for raining on one of the only fun, safe community activities.  …  Thanks for ruining a longstanding tradition.

— Anonymous 

Those in the medical industry who keep the machine running swiftly and smoothly to the detriment of patients, care givers and family members. Appropriate mottos for some might be: “out the door” with the patient; “keep a distance” from concerned family members; “protect each other” when mistakes are made. The industrial emphasis gives the good medical people a bad name as well.

— Anonymous

Evidently, some of our TV ‘meter-ologists’ don’t know the difference between ‘further’ and ‘farther.’

  — RGM

A good TV show being ruined by too much advertising. Case in point, “Brothers and Sisters.”

— M. Mann