He went from beef jerky to just being jerky.

That’s where we’re at with Ben Rottenberger.

The Pittsburgh Steeler quarterback was a pitchman for a local beef jerky company, but now that they’ve ditched his endorsement, the jerk is on him.

After being suspended last week, Rottenberger has now apologized. He’s sorry. Or so he says. From the statement of his that I read, he didn’t exactly say he was sorry. In fact, he said he didn’t commit a crime. It sounded more like he was apologetic that he got caught, got penalized and has been revealed to be the dirtbag that he is. I guess I’d be sorry about that too.

Now all the pundits are analyzing his mea culpa. It’s the current “Apology of the Week”, giving our talk show hosts the most recent celebrity “I goofed” to scrutinize and pass judgement on.

Frankly, the only person whose opinion really matters of Rottenberger’s apology are the females that he victimized. Oh, I mean, allegedly victimized. They’re not talking and actually, neither is Rottenberger. He’s hiding behind his lawyer’s and PR people and hoping the public eye will turn its gaze on some other sleaze or tabloid news that the public won’t be able to get enough of.

I’m glad the NFL came down hard. I’m glad that Steeler fans are holding him accountable too. In this day and age when Michael Vick’s abuse of animals and Tiger Woods’ abuse of marriage vows drew ravenous coverage and irate reaction from fans, Rottenberger deserved at least as much scrutiny for his treatment of women. His actions shouldn’t be tolerated and his lack of remorse should be infuriating.

He’s paid a severe price already and deservedly so. He’s trying to sound sorry, but to me, there’s nothing worse than somebody that tries to be apologetic for his dispicable actions only after one has committed such actions. His sudden concern about accountability is a bit too little too late.

Maybe he’ll smarten up. Maybe he’ll live up to his words and right his behaviour. Then maybe his words will be backed up by actions. Right now, his actions are disgusting and his words ring hollow. He’s trying to sound sorry. Instead, he sounds, and acts, like a jerk.