PARIS — The Intrepid Traveler Bruce McToose is back in the Oxford Hills this time looking for the Eiffel Tower.

“It looks like it’s going to be a great show,” said “The Intrepd Traveler” producer Steve Hrehovcik, who was in town Monday. He had a pre-production conference with local historians Wini Mott and Ben Conant, as well as Steve Galvin of the Norway-Paris Community Television station, who will be filming the show.

The television series, which has aired throughout Maine and beyond,  features the Australian-native “Bruce McToose,” who is played by Hrehovcik’s son Josh. McToose wanders through the towns of Maine with “foreign” connections. The series was initiated more than two years ago in Norway, when McToose came looking for the famous fjords, walked through various businesses downtown and ended up at Lake Pennesseewassee with Selectman Bruce Cook, who is president of the lake association.

In an interview at that time, Hrehovcik described McToose’s journey saying, “In his innocent yet comical way, Bruce McToose reveals some of the fascinating facts and background of these historic locations that often get overlooked. All of the time Bruce believes he is in the other Norway on a quest to find those picturesque fjords, or China looking for the Great Wall, or in Paris hoping to climb the Eiffel Tower, or Egypt … isn’t there supposed to be a pyramid around somewhere?”

Mott, a former middle school history teacher who is considered by locals to be one of the go-to people for historical information about Paris, said, “It’s not just history. He wants to tell what’s going on.”

Mott said her role was to make recommendations about where the scenes could be shot.

“He’s looking for the Eiffel tower. I have a windmill in my backyard. Someone suggested that might make a good Eiffel tower,” she said.

Hrehovcik and his crew will tour Paris Thursday going to places such as the old jail on Paris Hill, which is now the Hannibal Hamlin museum — named after President Abraham Lincoln’s vice president whose home is on Paris Hill; the Paris Cape Historical Society, the post office and Maurice’s Restaurant among other sites both on Paris Hill and in South Paris, the commercial center of the town that was incorporated in 1793.

Mott said he is hopeful that she will not be filmed. “I’m the background person,” she said chuckling

Galvin of the Norway-Paris community television station NPC11TV has been asked to shoot the film. “It’s great for the community to bring that attention,” he said of the show.

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