JAY — The town manager has negotiated a lower price with Waste Management Inc. in Norridgewock to get rid of trash. However, towns that have contracts to haul trash and recyclables to Jay’s transfer and solid waste station will see an increase in handling fees as of July 1.

The town had two analyses done, one by Maine Resource Recovery Association and the other by ecomaine, on its recycling and solid waste operation. The town’s auditor was asked to review the information since the two outcomes were so different, Town Manager Ruth Cushman said Tuesday.

In the process, town officials found out that Jay was undercharging towns for handling costs for both, she said.

 The new price Jay will pay per ton to Waste Management for trash is $60, down from $67.16, Cushman said. Towns that haul trash to Jay’s center will see an immediate drop in price per ton of $7.16, she said. So the total amount, including the handling fee that is currently $20 per ton, will be $80 a ton.

As of July 1 the new handling fees for towns that have contracts with Jay will increase to $32.50 per ton for solid waste plus the $60 disposal fee that Jay pays will equal $92.50 per ton to dispose of trash at Jay‘s facility, Cushman said.

Currently towns pay $87.16 per ton including the $20 handling fee.

Towns that Jay has solid-waste agreements with are Canton, Carthage, Livermore, Fayette and Jay. Livermore Falls and Wilton also currently have agreements with Jay for solid waste but both towns are going to different options as of July 1.

Fayette will be the only town left that Jay has a contract with for recyclables as of July 1. The price per ton for recyclables will rise from $30 to $65 then.

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