I thank U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud for supporting the health care legislation. He heard and acted on the pleas of his constituents. Our rates for insurance were skyrocketing. Some have to choose between coverage or taking a gamble that they won’t get ill, and when they do, they must resort to the emergency room, which adds cost to all.

Michaud also is addressing the difference between Medicare reimbursement rates in urban areas and rural areas. In Maine, the rate is lower than in Boston. He is working to level the field. He also fought to get an additional $154 million in Medicare reimbursement that Maine will receive in 2014-19.

He has worked hard to help small businesses get lower prices for their employees, and to include an immediate tax credit for up to 35 percent of employee premiums.

Thanks again, Rep Mike Michaud.

James McHugh, Mexico