The decision by Sun Journal editors to run the long article trashing Rosa Scarcelli (April 28) was ethically unacceptable.

In my 20 years in the newsroom (Kansas City, Montreal, etc.), no reporter would have been permitted to cover any subject in which the reporter had an interest, be it political, financial or personal. It is even worse that the Sun Journal accepted the article from a reporter who has contributed money to an opponent of Scarcelli.

How can any serious reader believe that the writer had any intention other than to denigrate an opponent of Libby Mitchell, to whom the author contributed?

Bad show, editors. I believe they need to consult their ethical compass more carefully.

I am not, by the way, a supporter of Scarcelli. I am an enrolled Republican who has contributed $5 to Peter Mills to help him obtain public financing of his campaign for governor.

Bob Neal, New Sharon

Editor’s note: The Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting disclosed writer Marian McCue’s $100 contribution to the Mitchell campaign as part of its report. The contribution was made before McCue was employed by the Center.