The prevalence of female nudity has come to the point of ludicrousness. There are topless bars, topless doughnut shops, topless car washes and “Wow” (whip ’em out Wednesday) flashings. Must we have topless cities and towns as well?

Relationships between men and women today couldn’t be worse. Where is the respect toward women when we are expected to take our clothes off at the drop of a hat? Where is there any male nudity to balance the vast, blatant sexist discrepancy?

The Sun Journal editorial April 16 sanctioning open female toplessness and gun-toting men at Kennedy Park is insane. Police have enough trouble controlling law and order at the park. A park is a place also for children. One can only imagine the influx of crime. Furthermore, families with children are prevalent there, or is it old-fashioned to think traditional and family-oriented anymore?

The way our sex-crazed society is saturated toward naked women today, the comment “Nobody would bat an eye” is simply not true. Moreover, the way this state consistently worries about sex crimes, the editorial condones the very environment supposedly abhorred the most.

Why don’t we make Lewiston one big nudist colony of both genders? Everyone could wear only snakes and be snaked together. Then we could see what happens.

Meghan King Hunter, Lewiston