DEAR SUN SPOTS: Community Little Theater in Lewiston has prom gowns to rent. The cost is $50. After the prom the person can have the gown cleaned and returned to the Community Little Theater and get $25 back. To rent or for more information, call me at 212-6813. — Suzanne Carbonneau

DEAR SUN SPOTS: You help folks so often. I hope you can help me. I need help with my computer, but I can’t afford what the service charges. I am a senior lady who has a very small income. I have heard that some of the students at college help seniors with their PCs.

I received a new HP from one of my children and the Windows 7 is giving me a bad time. Also the Norton security system is blocking all my Christian greeting cards and other important messages. I would like to know if one of them could look at it and see if they could correct it? Thank you! — No Name, Auburn, [email protected]

ANSWER: Greeting cards are often a source of computer viruses. You might want to let your Norton continue to block them. As for help from students, hopefully someone will let Sun Spots know that they provide that service.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Lisbon High School Class of 1970 is planning its 40th reunion on Aug.14 at Lisbon Left Hand Club. We still have members we haven’t been able to find or contact. If anyone knows the contact information for Faye Clark Fuller, Brinda Holt, Donna Merrill Mitchelle, Peter Merrill and Kathy Ross, please contact Sally Gagnon Hewett at 449-1617. Thanks for any help anyone can give. — Sally Hewett, [email protected]

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Peru Historical Society will be hosting a reunion get-together on Sunday, Aug. 15, from 1 to 4 p.m. for all who attended West Peru Grammar School or Peru Elementary School. It will be held at the school. More information will be forthcoming closer to the date of the event. — No Name via e-mail

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Last fall you ran a story about a private ATV riding trail located in Turner. The ad stated for a low fee/donation that the public was invited to come out and enjoy the trails. Would any have information as to the location and or contact information? Thanks. — Tom, [email protected]

ANSWER: Sun Spots didn’t find anything. Readers?

DEAR SUN SPOTS: We purchased a Sony 46-inch projection TV in 2004 for $1,299. In 2008 we started seeing shadows, so we called Sears and they said they would send a repairman out for $132 up front to see what was wrong with it. We needed a part; the total for that repair was $355.

June 2009 the same thing happened. We called Sears again and again they said that it would cost $132 for a repairman to come out. The same part needed replaced — $355 for that repair also.

So two weeks ago the same thing again, shadows. I called Sears and asked what that they were going to do about it. We had already put almost $800 into the TV, and it was the same part and everything.

They said they would not do anything, as we did not buy the warranty. So I called Sony and got the same result. So if there are any good repairman out there, they can have the TV. — No Name, Farmington

ANSWER: Sun Spots doesn’t know if they will be able to help you, considering the amount of time that has passed, but you could try contacting Maine’s Consumer Protection Service of the Maine Attorney General’s Office. Details of this protection may be found at or you can call them at 1-800-436-2131.

Many people have had difficulties with the new technology TVs. Mr. Sun Spots has a friend who manages a transfer station, and he often comments about how many late-model TVs come through. Extended warranties are not necessary for many products, but there are times when they can be useful, especially with new, untested technologies.

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