I want to thank all of our state representatives in Augusta for all they have accomplished on behalf of their constituents this year. They have managed to balance their budget on the backs of every town and city statewide. Every community will lose money from revenue sharing, education dollars, the Homestead Exemption and much more.

On June 8, our representatives are asking Maine voters to approve 102 new taxes. These new proposed taxes include labor on just about anything that could need repairing, including vehicles, towing, office equipment, guns, furniture and much more.

There are also new taxes on just about every form of recreation this state offers.

Not surprisingly, golfing and skiing are exempt.

Our representatives would like people to believe that these new sales taxes will save them money on their income taxes. I’m sure it will for those in the highest tax bracket, since these new taxes are supposed to reduce their income tax rate. It doesn’t make sense for those of us who are not in the highest tax bracket and will be a burden for low income families who do not pay any income tax.

The proposed taxes will affect all Mainers.

I will be voting “yes” on Question 1: People’s veto on June 8.

Brenda Theriault, Greene