In his guest column of May 16, Dr. Richard Jennings starts with the false premise that Dr. Monique Aniel and others who oppose blasting off our high-peak mountain tops in Maine (a state and national treasure) to produce exorbitantly expensive and inefficient electricity to make rich investors a guaranteed profit (a waste of tax money) are against wind power per se. Furthermore, folks who are against wind factories on mountaintops or near towns and homes are well aware of, and very concerned about, climate change.

U.S. tax money could be better used to encourage coal-fired plants to install CO2 scrubbers on their smoke stacks.

As an active professional working to save Maine’s mountaintops, I’ve met and have dealt with large groups who are opposed to improper siting of wind factories. We all agree that much larger and more efficient wind factories in the ocean beyond sight of shore, where wind is better and more reliable, makes more sense. To say we are against wind power is a falsehood.

As to the sound problems that Aniel argues, the Maine Medical Association agrees with her, not Dr. Dora Anne Mills.

Jennings argues there is no proof positive, so therefore it is safe.

People all over Maine are starting to wake up to the wind power myths that those who profit from it are propagandizing. Thank goodness for that.

Bertrand Lambert, P.E., P.L.S., P.L.F., Phillips

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