PARIS — A pair of siblings admitted Friday to reduced charges in an assault that occurred last summer.

Daniel M. Bokuniewicz, 24, of 23 Misty Lane in Brownfield, and Stephanie Ann Bokuniewicz, 26, of 306 East Main Street in Denmark, each pleaded guilty in the Oxford County Superior Court to a single count of misdemeanor assault. The plea dismissed one count of robbery and two counts of aggravated assault in each case, as well as a charge of violation of conditions of release in Stephanie’s case.

Daniel was sentenced to serve nine months of a 364-day jail sentence with one year of probation. Stephanie was ordered to serve 21 days of a 364-day sentence with a year of probation. Both must contribute a total of $8,000 in restitution to the victim and have no contact with him. Stephanie must also not use or possess illegal drugs and submit to random searches for them.

According to a report by Deputy Danielle Welch of the Oxford County Sheriff’s Office, then 24-year-old Ryan Davenport accused the siblings of holding him down and hitting him in the head with a baseball bat in June at the Brownfield boat launch. Davenport said they also took his wallet and keys and threw them before leaving.

Welch said both Daniel and Stephanie admitted that an altercation took place. However, Daniel said they were acting in self-defense and only used closed fists.

In a letter to the court, Davenport said he missed several weeks of work due to the assault. He also said he no longer felt safe in the area and moved farther away so he would not encounter the Bokuniewiczes.

“It has affected me emotionally,” said Davenport. “My outlook on life will never be the same.”

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