From this side of the Atlantic, it’s hard to see why the Brits are being such twits about Sarah Ferguson’s efforts to make some money from her royal connections.

Over here, we’d just call her a lobbyist.

There were 13,754 people registered to lobby the federal government in 2009, and they spent $3.49 billion plying their trade.

Among them are 48 former members of Congress. Swelling the ranks are retired military officers working for defense contractors, former congressional staffers and, no doubt, a significant number of congressional spouses.

Connections are a lobbyist’s bread and butter, and introducing clients to powerful people is all in a day’s work.

Perhaps Ferguson was being a wee bit greedy: $724,000 for an introduction to her former husband, Prince Andrew, seems a bit high.

Still, she promised no result, only that she could “open doors,” which may seem tawdry when caught on a hidden camera, but which is certainly no crime over here.

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