LISBON — Chief David T. Brooks announced the recent graduation of 13 participants in the Lisbon Police Department’s 2010 Citizens Police Academy. This academy was the third annual academy that the department provides for Lisbon area citizens to attend. The academy also includes Andover College students majoring in criminal justice.

The Citizens Police Academy is a 10-week program, starting in late February and ending in early May. Participants meet one evening a week for 3-plus hours. They receive instruction in police policy and procedures, arrests, accident investigations, domestic violence, communications and illegal drugs. The instructors are all members of the Lisbon Police Department.

The participants also receive hands-on instruction in crime-scene management and firearms, actually using a simulated situations with handguns and making the shoot-or-don’t-shoot decision during a live scenario. After graduation the participants take part in cruiser ride-alongs with the officers.

Coming this fall, the department will hold a CPA II for all CPA graduates to attend. The CPA II will consist of four or five scenarios where the participants will be in the role of a police officer and handle various scenarios.

Those residents interested in the academy can contact the department’s Volunteers In Police Service Coordinator Tom Stanton at 353-3000 ext. 366 or by e-mail at [email protected] or contact Sgt. Scott Stewart at 353-3000 ext. 221 or by e-mail at [email protected]