FARMINGTON — A longtime supporter of Relay for Life Anna Lyon from Franklin Savings Bank thought better of her flight from Farmington Police officers Wednesday and turned herself in to the mock jail fundraiser held at Abbott Park.

“She literally ran,” said Farmington Sgt. Shane Cote, warden of the mock jail used to raise funds for the department’s team, Blue Heat, who plan to participate in June’s Relay for Life.

When Lt. Jack Peck and Detective Marc Bowering appeared at Franklin Savings Bank to arrest her on a trumped up charge of “shamelessly exposing other employees” at the bank, she made her get away, running down the hall and up the stairs.

Bank President Peter Judkins who initiated the arrest later advised her that it was for a good cause and drove her to the jail. She reveals birthdays and instigates events for other employees, he explained as his reason for choosing her over other employees to be arrested.

Lyon is also the one who works tirelessly to make the bank team a successful Relay for Life participant but she’s a bit competitive, he said.

Her concern about being arrested for Wednesday’s fundraiser for the police department was “it’s for the wrong team,” she said from her cell. Afterwards, she admitted that it was all for the good of the American Cancer Society.

She joined Scott Kelley, manager of the downtown Dunkin’ Donuts, whose owners, Dan and Christine Silvestre, had him arrested on a charge of indecent exposure but then generously doubled the donation needed for his bail.

His employees didn’t know what had happened. With some thinking it was for real, they scrambled to raise bail funds as he stayed in the cell longer than necessary for the extra donations.

The Police Department had previously contacted some local businesses who arranged for an employee to be arrested. The amount donated for the arrest needed to be matched by the person arrested for bail or they would spend an hour in jail. After announcing the fundraiser, the number to be arrested grew Wednesday morning.

“It’s a good time,” Cote said as employees gathered waiting to see their bosses and co-workers brought to the park in handcuffs.

The pseudo-charges ranged from unauthorized use of county funds to insurance fraud. Franklin County Emergency Management Director Tim Hardy faced the first charge while Nicole Dustin of Shiretown Insurance faced the latter. Wayne Drake, Bangor Savings Bank employee and part-time police officer for Wilton, was charged with embezzlement while Linda Grant, town secretary, was charged with “being too neat and organized, making other employees look bad,” she said later.

Others facing similar fates included Assistant District Attorney Andy Robinson, Mt. Blue Middle School Principal Gary Oswald, attorney Kevin Joyce, Mills Law Office employee Linda Lisherness and Manager of Aubuchon Brenda Fronk.

Team Blue Heat, which raised almost $6,000 last year, continued its efforts this year with a barbecue last week but several agreed this was a creative and fun fundraiser.

“Next year we’ll have to get some rakes and let them out on work release,” Cote said as the potential inmates for the tiny cell began to grow.

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