I was enraged by Mark LaFlamme’s repeated use of the word “hooker” in his report of May 22. While the merits of the Lewiston Police Department’s engagement in this particular aspect of law enforcement are questionable, the Sun Journal should subscribe to higher principles of journalism.

The word “hooker” is a vulgar, slang term used to describe commercial sex workers. The use of that highly offensive word in the lexicon furthers the sexual exploitation of women by men.

The illicit, commercial sex industry, both in America and abroad, is not caused by women who seek to exploit their own bodies. Many of the women (and men) who engage in commercial sex come from broken families, abject poverty, and may even be victims of sex trade across international borders. These providers of commercial sex face a greater threat of violence as well as mental and physical health problems.

The term “hooker” removes the victimhood from these young, sexually exploited women and places the blame entirely on them rather than those who exploit them.

Nora Murray, Lewiston

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