FARMINGTON — Community members evidently agreed that Farmington Police Department’s mock jail fundraiser Wednesday was fun, because they raised more than $1,700 for the department’s Relay for Life team, Blue Heat, secretary Bonnie Pomeroy said Thursday.

The two-hour mock jail set up in Abbott Park could have been filled numerous times as the department continued to receive calls during the event. The list of 11 scheduled arrests grew to 20 while several said they would have participated and called in for the arrest of a co-worker or boss if they had only known earlier, she said.

Some businesses pledged an amount to have an employee arrested on their own craftily created charges. Farmington Lt. Jack Peck and Detective Marc Bowering then went from business to business reading a warrant, handcuffing and transporting people to the mock jail.

There the participant had to call or text friends trying to raise a matching amount for bail or stay in jail for an hour.

The department had hoped to raise $700 or $800 but the tally rose to more than double that amount, Pomeroy said.

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