I am writing in support of Guy Desjardins’ re-election as Androscoggin County sheriff on June 8. During my 18 years of legislative service, I have never seen a county sheriff more accessible to our region than Desjardins.

As a member of the Legislature’s Criminal Justice Committee, I have seen firsthand the respect Desjardins has from legislators of all parties. He helped write the new jail consolidation law which, according to the Maine Department of Corrections, has saved Maine taxpayers $10 million.

While the savings are important, he has carefully monitored the new law’s implementation to make sure that Androscoggin County property taxpayers are protected.

Finally, it is also important to note that Sheriff Guy Desjardins has a keen knowledge of how the jail system interacts with those with mental illness.

He deserves voters’ strong support on June 8.

Sen. John Nutting, D-Dist. 17, Leeds

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