The pack of hopefuls running for the Blaine House is full to the brim of knowns and unknowns, but the dark horse is Rosa Scarcelli. I believe she will be the first to cross the finish line and claim the prize.

I urge all voters to pay close attention to her TV spots and, especially, her posted platform. Her intelligent and knowledgeable approach to politics lacks the baggage of party rhetoric or the stain of party missteps. I find her a refreshing newcomer to the political brawl.

I believe she has the right stuff to pull it off. She alone strikes me as fully capable of governance, the primary qualification for any gubernatorial candidate. Furthermore, I believe she is destined for greater things in her political future; even, perhaps, as the first Mainer and the first woman to be president of the United States.

Rosa Scarcelli rocks for Maine.

John B. Muir, Auburn