Philip G. Goff, James Carver, Wallace A. Vaughan, Heiram Jordan Jr., Albert Lagasse, Henry B. Poisson, Raymond W. Sylvester, Robert E. Dillingham, Barbara O. Sylvester, Patrick A. Parent, Roger G. Ducharme, Robert C. Welch, Marcel O. Ducharme, John A. Annance, Roland B. Ducharme, David R. Higgins Jr., Harold W. Maxwell, Marcel L. Gagnon, Theodore S. Gammon, Breece C. Allen, Theodore S. Gammon Jr., Frederick C. Taylor, George A. Baumann, William E. Henshaw, Michael F. Baumann, Robert O. Kilkenny, Eddie A. Caron, Donald F. Couture, Leo R. Caron, Donald A. Theriault Sr. and Richard B. Caron.

Elmer G. McClellan, Robert P. Caron, Paul F. Moore, Norman F. Rich, Richard E. Bissonette, Brian A. Rich, Lawrence T. Ridlon, Laurent A. Martin, James J. Galipeau, Louis R. Martin, Paul T. Armstrong, Gaetan A. Martin, Raymond J. Bissonette, Julien A. Martin, Kenneth V. Furrow Jr., Robert G. Howard, Louise M. Springborn, Harold G. Howard, Walter L. Emerson Jr., Philip A. Roy, Franklin E. Marston, Raymond G. Letourneau, Ronnie H. Morin, Richard A. Pease, John L. Forrest, Fernand O. Ouellette, John L. Forrest Jr., Russell T. Pray, Milton J. Baird, Roland J. Doyon, Raymond A. Levesque, Ralph A. Goodwin Jr. and Joseph A. Unnold.

Robert C. Sherman, Robert H. Ward, Joseph A. Landry, Roger C. Lachance, Roger R. Veilleux Paul J. Bolduc Sr., Bradford R. Cram, Wallace R. Letourneau, Harvey F. Lauze, Paul J. Bolduc Jr., Armand E. Cote, William Guy R. Mahon, Burchard R. Brown, Robert G. Kehoe, George E. Maroon Sr., Peter R. Vondell, Paul E. Tessier, Eugene F. Campbell, Gerard L. Bosse, Donald K. Campbell, Laurier G. Bosse, Stanley A. Bradley, Donald P. Bosse, John L. Levasseur, Charles E. McCloskey, Daniel R. Levasseur, Henry C. Thibodeau, Steven C. Corson, Donald O. Dockendorf, Linwood E. Rose, Peter J. Tilton, Gerard E. Fournier and Philip H. Tilton.

Stanley W. Remington, Henry J. Tilton Jr., Albert G. Lemelin, Alfred F. Honegger, Laurier J. Lauze, Norman M. Lamphere, Roger B. Asselin, Raymond D. Gagnon, Donald L. Bishop, Normand J. Deschenes, Norman L. Bishop, R Shank (aka Ron Gordon), Jones Whitman, Everett L. Lessard,  Henry H. Merry Jr., Weldon K. Svor,  Romeo J. Bonsaint, Paul E. Ouellette, Paul J. Bonsaint, Kenneth T. Sullivan,  Michael R. Hebert, Harry L. Sullivan  Jr., Thomas G. Hendricks, John A. Sullivan, Andrew K. Bechard, Arthur H. Westleigh, John A. Deschene, Francis G. Davis, William E. Baker, Blaine M. Davis and Michael C. Johnson.

Emile J. Henry, Clifton M. Dunlap Jr., Henry G. Martineau, Fernand P. Bell, Hector A. Dubay,  Gilbert J. Bell, Matthew D. Jabaut, Benoit G. Bell, Gilbert N. Dumas, Herbert P. Bell, Lionel A. Beaul, Donald R. Bell, Donald L. Beaule, Robert N. Bell, Rene A. Chretien, Kenneth B.J. Bell, Reginald E. Chretien, Reno H. J. Bell, Bertrand E. Chretien, Norman L. Leavitt, Alfred J. Rioux, Roger A. J. Boulette, Maurice J. Rioux, William D. Moore, Robert J. Rioux, Daniel R. Biron, Stanley E. Houston, Donald N. Biron, Homer W. Houston Jr., Andrew L. Jensen, John S. Houston, Robert R. Leclair, Clayton E. Learnard, Robert J. Leclair and Donald Learnard.

Edward W. Stanhope, Richard M. Kowalczyk, Norman G. Ouellette, Harold C. Caldwell, John L. Campbell, Fernand J. Bernier, Richard V. Harmon, Armand A.A. Belanger, Dean E. Croxford, Donald J. Derosby, Justin D. William, Fernand A. Pelletier, Hector J. Gravel Sr., Joseph L. Dumond, Hector J. Gravel Jr., Wilfrid G Labrie, Robert W. Maurais Sr., Roger L. Giasson,  Jerard M. Lurz, Frederic L. Leblond, Ryan R. Guimond, David G. Washburn, James C. Dymond, Harold L. Howard, Lewis E. McAlister, William J. Gibson Jr., Mark T. Jordan, Randolph G. Bourisk, James R. Ashby, Harold A. Gibson and Deanna Alexander.

Wallace D. Gibson, Gino V. Giberti, Stanley E. Gibson, John E. Prescott, Bertrand R. Rioux,  Edward H. Giroux, Valdor A. Ouellette, David O. Jumper, Joel A. Busler, Benjamin M. Jumper, Alfred Stretton, Rosaire Bouchard, William H. Stretton, Onil J. Dallaire, Richard T. Stretton, Marc A. Demers, Paul G. Girardin, Steven M. Dubay, George P. Caron, Albert J. Pelletier, Richard J. Caron and Robert R.M. Hemond.

*     *     *

These 216 veterans are each listed on the 19th memorial stone dedicated in Lewiston’s Veterans Memorial Park on Saturday by the LA Veterans Council.

Every name is a story, according to Council Chairman Paul Bernard, and the “stories behind the names are unbelievable.”

These men and women — all honorably discharged — served in the Marine Corps, the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army and the National Guard. They served during World War II, the Vietnam War, Korean War and the continuing Global War on Terrorism.

The soldiers and sailors engraved on this stone join more than 4,000 veterans — deceased and living — honored in the park on various stones and memorial benches. Each engraved name represents a person who has a connection to Maine: They have lived here, gone to school here or were stationed here.

It’s a memorial space that welcomes veterans from far beyond Lewiston’s borders, but is intended to honor Maine people for their service to their families, friends and neighbors.

We remember them, thank them and honor them today.

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