The hard, cold facts are that property taxes in Mexico will increase every year if residents don’t get control of unnecessary spending. We need a change in planning for future spending. That can only happen if we are conservative in this type of economy.

If we have a target amount in the annual budget for the basic essential services — police, fire, roads and administration — they should have priority over nonessential services. Nonessential services can be funded at a lower amount and still be provided by the town.

An example of how poor planning creates higher taxes came last year when voters voted for a $2.9 million bond to rebuild many very deteriorated town roads because not enough had been previously budgeted for highway rebuilding. That poor planning will cost Mexico taxpayers an increase every year, which will be hundreds of dollars per household for many years to come.

I hope residents join me in voting against the selectmen’s recommendations on Article 3, administration; Article 4, recreation; Article 5, public safety; Article 9, public works; and Article 13, unclassified.

By voting down those articles, it will send a message to selectmen that taxpayers are fed up with higher taxes and want a change.

The Budget Committee has recommended a lesser amount of $68,000, saving taxpayers a considerable amount.

If those articles are voted down, the services will still be provided until a new budget is prepared and voted on by Mexico’s taxpayers.

Byron Ouellette, Mexico

Mexico Budget Committee member

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