It’s nice how the Bates students who were involved in the melee on May 26 can find so many excuses for their own stupidity and lack of common sense. The heat, lack of air conditioning in the dorms, and the end of year excitement all contributed. Above all, however, they claim police overreaction and brutality were the real culprits.

How clouded can their vision and judgment be?

Seriously, could the students on the front page of the May 26 paper be responsible in any way? That is certainly a picture for mom and dad’s album of pride. I’m sure they’ll want to order glossy copies for all the extended family members to see.

Such actions don’t benefit anyone. It’s unfortunate that Bates’ good relationship with the community has been jeopardized.

Fortunately, the 200 or so irresponsible students make up a relatively small percentage of the student body. It is sad that the majority have to suffer the stigmas inflicted upon them by these overzealous party-goers.

With all the allegations of police brutality it seems strange to me that the most seriously injured person is a member of the Lewiston Police Department. The officer was called upon, along with many others, to perform his duty during this unfortunate episode.

We should all send him our blessings and wish him a speedy recovery.

Jane C. Doucette, Auburn

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