NORWAY — Roberta Metivier, MS, administrator of Market Square Health Care Center, announced recently that Frantie Giasson, a 25-year CNA at the nursing home, retired at the end of May.

Giasson earned her CNA certification at the age of 57, and is now 82. She worked in shoe shops before she became employed at Market Square.

Liz Bennoch, human resources director for Western Maine Health said,  “She is the sweetest, nicest person you could hope to meet. She still drives a big pickup truck and hauls in her own wood.”

Giasson was honored recently by her co-workers at Market Square with a surprise party. She said that while she is retiring to visit her family more she will “miss all of the people, they are so precious, you can learn so much from them if you just listen. I’m only retiring because there are so many young people out there who need good jobs.”

In addition to her job as a CNA at Market Square, Giasson volunteers there and plays the piano for residents. She volunteers at several other nursing homes doing the same. She plans to continue her volunteer work and shows no sign of slowing down in her retirement.

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