MEXICO — Three security cameras that can record videotape and take still photos are being installed this week at the Mexico Recreation Park by the Police Department.

Chief James Theriault said the precise locations will not be revealed, but the cameras will be installed on trees or posts. The department will regularly monitor the recordings on the cameras.

The Mexico Recreation Department will soon have signs posted around the park, located off Route 17, alerting visitors to the presence of the cameras.

The $300 cost for the cameras came from money paid to the Recreation Department from the town’s insurance company after several thousand dollars in damage to dugouts and the field occurred this month. It was the second case of vandalism to the park during the past six weeks.

In other police matters, Sgt. Roy Hodson said he is close to making arrests after his investigations into vandalism at the Oakdale Country Club last fall. At that time, about $6,000 damage was done to the greens and three golf carts.

A similar incident earlier this month at the country club and recreation park led to the arrest of two Jay men.

Another vandalism incident at the recreation park is still being investigated.

Also, another gas drive-off occurred at 10:14 p.m. June 18 at the Big Apple on the River Road. A silver, two-door vehicle left the convenience store and headed toward Dixfield without paying the $22.37 charge.

Hodsdon said such incidents happen about once a week in the town. Police are able to track down the nonpayers about 5o percent of the time, he said.

Also, he said most gas drive-offs are accidental rather than intentional.

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