Kudos to the Sun Journal editorial board; the editorial for June 22 was right on. What could Paul LePage’s belief in the creation of humans have to do with making Maine a better place to live? Last I knew, our ancestors from pre-history will not be around to vote in November.

I did hope that we would have a rest from politics before the frantic fall sets in, but not so. I have already received three separate, expensive, glossy advertisements justifying one candidate’s voting record in Augusta. So much for having a rest.

Many people are very concerned about the outcome of the next election, so let’s forget the nit-picking, and dirt-digging and focus on what kind of common-sense experience a candidate can bring to the governor’s office. No longer can we afford to continue with business as usual.

It will take hard work and sacrifice on every level to make Maine a state where average working citizens can raise a family.

Jean F. Libbey, Auburn

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