DURHAM — Two hundred people were lined up before 8 a.m. on Saturday outside the elementary school gymnasium for the largest yard sale this town has ever seen. By the end of the day more than 500 had passed through, most leaving with more than they had planned on buying. And at closing time there were a few stragglers still stopping by.

Items were priced to sell, ranging from $1 to a high of $50 or just plain best offer.

Thirty volunteers from Durham, Lisbon, Lewiston, Auburn and Wilton were on hand to assist shoppers. Many came with pickup trucks or trailers scooping up everything from fixtures, tables, basketball hoops, air conditioners, a piano, chairs of all description, computers and printers, bookcases, TVs, kitchen equipment, large metal lockers and a cash register. Just over three hours later, proceeds totalled more than $4,000 and the bargain hunters kept coming.

At the end of the eight-hour sale, preliminary figures put the tally at around $5,400. Included was all of the kitchen equipment, which was sold.

Proceeds will go to the school and unsold items, of which there were few, will be donated to nonprofits such as HeadStart, coordinator Monica Millhime said. The sale is the last step before the demolition of the 50-year-old elementary school in early July. The school is being replaced by a new 28-room facility scheduled to open in September.

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