JAY — The Jay-RSU 36 Regional Planning Committee will meet Tuesday to review and adopt the list of names of chairpersons of committees and members to them.

Representatives of the two school districts and the three towns involved, Jay, Livermore and Livermore Falls, are in the beginning stages of developing a new school consolidation plan.

The committee will meet from 6 to 8 p.m. June 29 at the Jay High School Library and have an agenda to follow.

Committee Chairman Clint Boothby, a non-voting member, will facilitate the meeting.

Among the items the planning committee will consider are adopting a subcommittee membership and reviewing and adopting the charges for those committees. Members will also consider adopting a timeline leading to a January 2011 vote on the plan.

Several subcommittees were approved earlier in June, and chairmen have been chosen to lead participants in reaching the set goal.

The persons chosen to lead the committees are: Finance — Co-Chairpersons Sue Pratt and Robert Wall, superintendents; Administration — Chairman James Holland; Transportation — Chairwoman Sue Weston; Governance — Co-Chairpersons Sue Pratt and Robert Wall; Teaching and Learning — Chairwoman Jeannine Backus; Facilities and Maintenance — Chairman Scott Albert; Technology Chairman — Chris Hollingsworth; Policies and Procedures — Chairwoman Carrie Castonguay; Personnel and Staffing-Co-Chairpersons — Sue Pratt and Robert Wall; and Sports, Culture and Co-Curricular — Chairman Gilbert Eaton.

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