JAY — Jay High School has announced the fourth-quarter honor roll.

Grade nine

High honors: Melanie Robitaille.

Honors: Lindsey Allen, Brianna Beaupre, Mickenzy Breton, Rachel Calden, Tammy Chase, Casidee Couture, Jahna Couture, Hayley Fortier, Tyler Grover, Alexander Hartford, Louis Krupp.

Grade 10

High honors: Alexi Deering, Samantha Hutchinson, Megan Labbe.

Honors: Catherine Castonguay, Roger Duguay, Felicia Greenleaf, Lauren Hebert, Haleigh O’Donnell, Kaitlyn Smith, Britney Whitney.

Grade 11

High honors: Marlee Dubord, Britni Hutchinson, Karisa Macomber, Bethany Moore.

Honors: Cassandra Beliveau, Kyle Burnell, Jordan D. Couture, Jordan P. Couture, Garrett Dee, Brittany DiPompo, Brianna Farrington, Shauni Flagg, Melissa Ladd, Chris Labbe, Rose LeBlanc, Jacob Lord, Cassandra Plante, Christine Whitman.

Grade 12

High honors: Mallory Bonnevie, Hillary Deane, Kelsey Doiron, Kyle Hawkins, Shayna Meserve, Alexii Smith.

Honors: Kelsea Beisaw, Alexis Burbank, Samantha Cook, Tyler Dorr, Chelsea Freeman, Eric Hardy, Stephen Howes, Marissa McKenna, Gina Nemi.

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