PARIS — The Board of Selectmen made three appointments to the Norway-Paris Solid Waste board of directors Monday.

Selectmen named Barbara Payne, David Stanley and Philip Tarr to the board of directors. Donald Allen also applied but was not appointed.

The appointments are the first round named to the board after it was cleared by the unanimous vote of two Boards of Selectmen on Feb. 25.

Payne, who received a two-year appointment, has served on several town and school committees, including the Board of Selectmen and Oxford Hills School District. Stanley, who received a three-year appointment, is a certified management accountant who has also done mechanical engineering and financial management work. Tarr, the Paris town manager, received a one-year appointment.

The board voted 4-1 to approve Payne and Stanley, with Selectman Ted Kurtz opposed on both votes. Selectmen unanimously approved Tarr.

Resident Janet Jamison protested after Selectman Lloyd “Skip” Herrick nominated Allen, who cited a background in the insurance industry on his application, for a two-year term. Jamison said selectmen should make nominations in the order that the town received applications.

Chairman Raymond Glover agreed after reading the town’s appointment process policy, which says that “in the case of board consideration of multiple candidates for fewer than the same number of vacancies, votes will be taken on individuals according to the dating of their initial application.”

Jamison also questioned whether applicants should have a say as to how many years they want to serve on the waste board. Stanley, who requested a one-year term on his application, said he was willing to serve three years.

Selectmen in Norway and Paris voted to remove the directors after actions they said were inconsistent with an interlocal agreement adopted by voters in both towns in 2009. The agreement made several changes to the operation of NPSW, a quasi-municipal corporation overseeing the disposal of solid waste generated in the two towns, including the expansion of the board of directors from five members to seven and a more regular meeting schedule.

The NPSW board voted 5-1 in December to amend its bylaws. These changes said the board could remove directors by vote, reject appointments made by the towns, and make their own nominations if a town failed to appoint a director within a certain time.

Jamison, who was serving as a board member, opposed the changes. She was removed in a 4-1 vote in January on accusations of unprofessional conduct, including speaking to the Norway selectmen about the issue following an NPSW board decision to hold a joint meeting with the selectmen to discuss the changes.

Tarr and Town Manager David Holt of Norway have been administering the tasks of the NPSW board since the decision. Five of the seven deposed directors sought a court order to return to the board, but the appeal was dropped after a judge refused to grant the request.

On June 17, Norway selectmen tabled a vote on appointing new members to the board. Six people have applied for appointments, including three former board members who were removed in the February vote. The Norway selectmen will take up the question again Thursday.

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