I was at both the shows! I’ve seen the Grateful Dead 10 times … those two were my favorites. It was just a great atmosphere.

During the first show, I had lost my buddy in the crowd. So I was with a bunch of people by myself having a great time. At one point, when it got quiet (during the first show on July 2 …) I yelled, “Phil!!!” Like so many people do. Now, someone else may have yelled it at the same time as me … however, I was pretty close to the stage. … Phil went up to the mic and said something like, “Why does everyone always call me? Why is it always, PHIL!? Why not call Jerry, or Bob? Or Bill? Why is it always PHIL??”

That was a highlight for me …

Dan Lynch, Lawrence, Mass.

* * *

Hi, indeed I was, and going back this weekend. What I remember from ’88 is that they were BIG shows, one rumor had it at close to 100,000. Truth be told, it was taking so long to get in the first night (Saturday), that a friend convinced me to give my ticket to someone else, get out of line, and listen for ‘free’ from the parking lot. I’d never done that, but it paid off, as we were partying happily a few minutes later, and the sound was indeed quite good from the lot. Especially enjoyed riding a bike around while they played “Foolish Heart,” debuted a few weeks earlier at Alpine Valley. The venue let the gates down towards the end of the show, and we all filed in to catch a memorable Maine “Morning Dew.”

The next day we got in line early, caught the Little Feat opener, and recall the famous ultra-lite flyover during “Birdsong” in the Dead’s first set. Sunday’s show was not as good as the night before, but overall it was an epic weekend, and judging from the rare on-stage banter and joking, the band was also having a great time. Sadly, most of them won’t be there this time around, but we’re all looking forward to Furthur’s 4th of July set!

In fond memory,

Jose Mediavilla, New York City

* * *

The feeling I got from the shows was similar to the feeling I got, when I was a kid, to Christmas morning.  It was amazing to see tens of thousands of people all getting together and having fun.  I remember even seeing the local police smiling. I know a lot of us might have had an illegal smile, but I’ll never forget how much positive energy you could feel.

Adam Brown, Norway

* * *

In July, 1988, we had just purchased a house lot on Aspen Avenue in Oxford, which is adjacent to the Speedway. We drove over to check it out that weekend and found “dead heads” camped all over our lot. They were very friendly when I asked what they were doing there. Apparently, the woman who lived across the street had charged them all a fee to camp on our OUR land!! They were all very respectful and did a great job cleaning up before they left.

That weekend was a crazy one in Oxford! So many people!!!

Sue Tilley, Norway, Maine


I attended the greatest outdoor event of my lifetime back in 1988 at Oxford Plains Speedway. It was just two months after my college graduation and I will never forget what a wonderful time we had. I went for two days, and remember swimming in a river close to the speedway, sleeping under the stars, and OH the music was GREAT. Everyone who attended had a great time. I never saw a sour face in two days. I have a bootleg tape of the Dead’s performance that I will never let go.
Best Time we ever had.
Gary Sholler
Nathan Richard

* * *

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