100 years ago, 1910

The fact that there were many people suffering at the Central Maine General Hospital did not appear to make any difference with many young fellows the last few nights who would not only fire off cannon crackers and revolvers in the vicinity of the institution, but would sometimes stop directly in front of the building to give a bombardment. It is said that the patients did not get a good rest for several nights owing to the din in the immediate vicinity.

50 years ago, 1960

Rookie patrolman Norman Spencer of the Lewiston Police Department had his 1949 car stolen over the weekend and recovered it himself within a couple of hours.

Officer Spencer reported the theft to headquarters when he arrived for duty on the morning shift just before midnight. Two hours later, he found the car abandoned on Howard Street. It had not been damaged but about a quarter tank of gasoline had been used up.

25 years ago 1985

The cost of bringing the Androscoggin County Building in Auburn into compliance with federal handicapped access laws is nearly double the original estimate.

However, county officials say the improvements are necessary and the $181,000 price tag could have been higher.

County commissioners signed a contract last Friday authorizing Moore/Weinrich and Woodard Architects of Brunswick to design building modifications that will make the building accessible to handicapped people.

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