The Livermore Falls Downtown Betterment Group would like to voice committed support for our town manager, Jim Chaousis.

His early accomplishments include shepherding the first stage of the Foundry Road Trail to completion.

After years of debate and turmoil about the transfer station and no clear alternatives arising, he was able to complete an agreement for single-stream recycling. This agreement will reduce by half the cost per ton to the town while increasing the level of service to townsfolk by making it possible to put all recycling in one bin.

He has been at the forefront of the school consolidation discussion, drawing local towns into meaningful dialogue on the issue.

He has also been a tremendous ally and town advocate to MDOT with regard to the upcoming Route 4 reconstruction project.

Chaousis was hired at a very low salary, and was told that if successful he would be rewarded. Those who have worked with him realize that he has exceeded all expectations. If the administration budget passes on July 12, he will still be earning $9,000 less than the average figure of $62,000 for managers of towns our size, and his salary will be locked in for three years.

The Betterment Group maintains that we have an excellent town manager; one capable, willing, and proven to go the extra mile for us. He is a natural leader. Let’s show him the support he deserves by giving him a salary that he is worth.

Tricia Cook, president

The Livermore Falls Downtown Betterment Group

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