This is in response to the Sun Journal article, printed July 7, about Auburn City Manager Glenn Aho.

While the residents of Auburn are asked to make sacrifices, i.e., every-other-week recycling, irregular snow plowing, and other cuts, the city manager gets a 2.9 percent pay raise and an extension of his contract.

While there are lots of residents getting cuts in hours from their places of employment, or even getting laid off, city officials give Aho more.

More than $300,000 is being spent for the salaries of the school superintendent, the principal of Edward Little High School and the city manager … just three individuals. There are probably other city officials who are doing quite well.

In this era of cutbacks, it seems reasonable that some of those folks chip in, too.

And why does everything have to be done in closed-door executive sessions?

One final question: Why have several high-ranking city officials left the city in the past year? I think we need some answers.

The reason I don’t go to city council meetings is because I think I would be escorted out for asking questions or making statements that would rub some of the hierarchy the wrong way.

Alan Elze, Auburn

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