100 years ago, 1910

A small boy in swimming at West Pitch caught an eel in a new way Tuesday when he came up with the fish hanging to his big toe. Fortunately, it did not attempt to bite but simply kept its hold. The boy was decidedly more frightened than injured.

50 years ago, 1960

A “Trampoline Center” featuring the apparatus widely used by circus and vaudeville performers, will open today in Auburn. It is located between the north and southbound lanes of the Portland Road next to the Phil-O-Mar restaurant and is operated by William Derosay of Auburn.

25 years ago 1985

A proposal to increase pay for substitute teachers will be presented Monday to the Lewiston School Committee.

To remain competitive, Lewiston much match what other school systems pay to attract substitutes, according to School Superintendent Robert V. Connors.

Connors is recommending that Lewiston increase substitute pay from $30 to $40 per day for people serving less than 20 school days. For those who serve more than 20, Connors wants the pay increased from $35 to $45 per day.

The Auburn school system is considering similar action. School officials have said they plan to ask the Auburn School Committee to increase substitute pay from $35 to $40 per day.

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