From the amount of feedback I’ve received indicating that I’m “greedy,” I believe some readers of the July 7 Sun Journal article, “Auburn manager receives pay raise, contract extended,” misinterpreted my statement, “I love the city of Auburn, but I think I deserve a little better than this.”

The Sun Journal editor highlighted the quote in a pullout box, but when read along with the headline, it’s no wonder people concluded or thought I was being greedy. The headline and the quote were two different thoughts but when combined or read as one, it led the reader to the wrong conclusion.

The comment had nothing to do with wages. It had everything to do with the fact the City Council would not enter into a legal executive session to complete my evaluation. My raise was for last year and consistent with what other eligible employees received. Since I was hired at the end of a fiscal year, I was one of the last to be reviewed.

An efficiently managed city starts with a strong supportive relationship between the City Council and city manager. The evaluation process fosters that relationship as it gives both parties an opportunity to discuss performance, expectations, goals and more; all within a private setting, which is permissible by law.

My quote, “I love the city of Auburn, but I think I deserve a little better than this,” was in response to the City Council not completing my evaluation. I really could not fathom why they wouldn’t complete it.

As an employee of the city, I deserve to have an evaluation, in private, just as other employees do in the city, and everywhere else for that matter. I was disappointed that my evaluation was not complete, but very pleased with having the honor of continuing my service, and also for being recognized for the work this position requires.

People interested in becoming a city manager, or interested in the work involved with being Auburn’s city manager should contact me; the work is certainly not what most people think.

I am very appreciative to the city for giving me the greatest employment opportunity I’ve had thus far. As the city manager, I work to ensure operations are held accountable and managed efficiently, which saves taxpayers’ money.

Our efforts this past year would have resulted in a 30-cent decrease in the tax rate, had state revenues been received as projected. The city and its employees work very hard and all within a very demanding and accountable work environment established from the top down.

We are not perfect, but we are more aggressive about improving than any other local government I know.

Many governmental units have the perception their employees are unmotivated. That’s not the case in Auburn. We continue to review operations, improve them and instill greater levels of accountability; all so that we have a better government that is accountable to the citizens.

Glenn Aho, Auburn city manager

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