FARMINGTON — Selectmen approved spending approximately $23,800 for a new pickup truck from a local dealer for the fire chief on Tuesday.

The truck, available at a discount from the list price, was one that was stolen from the Farmington Ford lot in late June and was recovered with minor damage, which is being repaired, Fire Chief Terry Bell told the board.

The asking price is approximately $20,800 with some funds needed to transfer equipment to the new truck. The fire department reserve account currently has an amount in excess of $130,000.

The chief’s pickup was scheduled for a change within the next year.

In other business, the Parks and Recreation Department set aside $3,500 this year and plans to set aside another $3,500 next year in order to purchase a new vehicle for that department. Purchasing the fire chief’s old pickup at $7,000 would bring the cost for the fire department’s vehicle down to about $16,800, Town Manager Richard Davis told the board.

Considering concerns about damage received during the theft, Tim Hardy went over the vehicle and found very little damage, he said. There were some scrapes and scratches and a broken window but the truck will have a full warranty.

With similar new trucks estimated at nearly $35,000, the board agreed that it was a good deal and one that should be taken.

“If we can save money, why not?” asked Selectman Drew Hufnagel.

Three board members voted yes and there was one abstention because of a relative working at Farmington Ford and one selectman was absent.

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