As you know, job interviews are few and faaaaar between these days. Don’t blow your big opportunity by not putting as much thought into what you wear as you put into your resume.

Sure you’re brilliant, but black roots on blonde hair says you don’t pay attention to details. And as much as you love your latest Lindsay Lohan fingernail fashion, it could indicate to interviewers that you bring your personal life to the office.

Yeah, yeah, money is tight, but please don’t drag out the two-piece from the ’90s. Prospective employers might think if that’s the best you’ve got, your appearance could quickly devolve to flip-flops by your first casual Friday.

The best fashion interview strategy is to look like you fit in. What are employees wearing during the week at that company? Fit in, but just a bit more polished to show your prospective employer that you cared enough to look your best.

Here are our seven “hired” ideas for interviews:

— Messenger bag. While a purse says lipstick, chewing gum and old receipts, a messenger bag says “I take work home.” A power bar peeking out of a side pocket indicates you use your time wisely and think ahead. A notepad and pen says you’re prepared.

— Neutral dress A structured dress is more comfortable than a suit, especially for a summer interview. Make sure it doesn’t cling, that it covers cleavage and drops to just above the knee. Pair it with a pashmina on cold days.

— Wear a watch. Tardy people don’t, on-time people do.

— Pair down accessories. Keep them simple. No drop earrings. No bracelets that clang. No mom necklaces with a rhinestone for every child. Think all business at the office, tailored, and the less bling the better.

— Wear shoes. Yeah that seems obvious, but the point is no sandals, no sling backs, no slip-ons, no 5-inch heels.

— Neutral makeup. Even white-tipped nails can be jarring on a job interview. Paint your nails a neutral color to take the attention off them. Ditto for lipstick and eye shadow colors. You want your interviewer to pay attention to what you’re saying, not your 3-inch nails.

— Get a haircut. reshly cut and colored hair looks tidy. Wash-and-go styles indicate you get ready for work in snap and are not doing your eyes on the 55 in the fast lane.

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