Jason Levesque, Republican candidate for Congress from Maine’s 2nd District, originally had to drop out of college because of finances. He enlisted in the United States Army where he spent the next eight years, the last few of them as a drill sergeant. After leaving the Army, he used the G.I. Bill to complete college. Upon graduation he opened a business which, at last count, employs 28 people.

Paul LePage, Republican candidate for governor, grew up homeless on the streets of Lewiston and worked his way up to where he is now — mayor of Waterville (endorsed twice by the Morning Sentinel, not too shabby for a Republican), CEO of Marden’s and now Republican candidate for governor. Along the way, among other things, he was a dishwasher, a bartender, and a short-order cook. (By the way, in the recent Republican primary he spent $3.91 per vote.)

Charlie Webster, head of the Republican Party in Maine, usually smells as if he just got through either installing or fixing a furnace, which is because he probably just did.

A former Army drill sergeant, a former homeless kid from the streets of Lewiston, and a furnace installer/repairman.

Talk about your elitists.

Terence McManus, New Sharon

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