This is in response to an article about some people complaining about soccer players at Walton Elementary School in Auburn (Aug. 3). They allege the players are rude, offensive and drive recklessly.

I go to Walton almost every day for exercise; many times when the soccer folks are there, either gathering, in mid-game or leaving, and I have never witnessed a single instance of the alleged behaviors. No swearing, no disrespect, no racing cars.

My interaction with the players has always been positive.  Also, they only use the field for an hour — 4 percent of the day — and at a time when few or no other people are there.  What I do see there, besides the soccer playing, is little kids playing on the playground, teens shooting hoops, folks strolling around the track. 

There are a lot of activities on the Walton grounds during the year — impromptu baseball or basketball games, ice hockey games, winter festival and, most notably, football games which generate noise and traffic, but I’ve never read any complaints about those activities.

The only difference I can discern between these activities and the soccer games is the participants’ skin color: the former is mostly white and the latter is mostly black.

Prejudicial attitudes don’t belong in Auburn or in America, so I ask the city to reject discriminatory efforts to limit participation at Walton field and address any complaints about that or any other recreational facility in Auburn on a case by case basis.

David Dawn, Auburn

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